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Top 5 Madden Mobile Alternatives – End Your Search Here!

Love to play Madden mobile game and it is hard to imagine a day without NFL video game? Sounds pretty awkward, but Madden Mobile game has surely turned into an integral part of our lifestyle. NFL Championship does bring back all the excitement and even when your favorite team ends up on losing side, you do have Madden Mobile to kick out the frustration and crush the opposite teams virtually. Surely, there is no other better feeling than acting GM of your dream team and winning the Super Bowl event. Well, well, we can continue to say endless praising words for Madden Mobile game but what about the situation when there is no Madden.

Don’t act like a heartbroken fan and enjoy our top 5 Madden Mobile alternatives that will offer you unlimited fun for rest of your life. These games have their own positive and negative aspects but still, you will enjoy them and won’t miss the Madden title a lot. We have followed a highly calculative and selective approach in order to choose the right Madden alternatives and help out needy gamers. Yes, you might have better ones but still, these 5 alternatives are best to our knowledge.


espn nfl 2k5

ESPN NFL 2K5 is the perfect acronym to Madden NFL Mobile. The game has surely acted like the top-notch competitor for Madden. In order to play ESPN NFL 2K5, you are required to spend $20, but that price is completely acceptable. EA really found it pretty hard to deal with this particular game and made deal with NFL and Players Association to offer exclusive rights for using 2K. After the deal, ESPN NFL 2K6 has not been released. We can say it was an unfair deal but gaming is a tough business. According to critics and real gamers, ESPN NFL 2K5 was much better than Madden NFL and had the potential to reserve number one spot for a long time. Nevertheless, we are not expecting next version of this exciting game but still, it is wonderful to enjoy ESPN NFL 2K5 in your free time.

Blitz: The League

Blitz The Legue

Blitz: The League is one NFL video game where you don’t face penalties and refs. You have nothing to worry in terms of getting suspended when the player violates the drug policy. It is a game best designed to reveal inside truth of NFL world. You will come to know deep about how real players make use of drugs and steroids in order to turn into NFL superstars. No harsh words, but Blitz: The League is one game that I would only like to recommend to adults. Kids need to avoid it as they might lose respect for their favorite player and doubt the credibility of NFL. Overall, the concept used in the game is bit awkward but we can say, Blitz: The League has the potential to act like a strong Madden competitor for a long time.

NFL Xtreme

nfl xtreme

NFL Xtreme is not a game designed for the gamers who love to get deep into football and follow NFL events seriously. It is a casual game indeed where you don’t have much scope to show your gaming skills. Personally, I have not played the game a lot but still, there is nothing like offering top -rating to the game. On the other hand, if you are just looking to have a little fun and enjoy brutal collisions and hurdles, you must give NFL Xtreme one try.  The game will cost you nothing but you can’t compare it with Madden NFL mobile in terms of gameplay, graphics, features and other delicate aspects. Still, when Madden Mobile is not available and you need to taste NFL gaming, NFL Xtreme will act as a worthy option.

NFL Challenge

nfl challenge

NFL Challenge was released for PC system in 1985 and with a price of $100. The expensive game turned into most interesting and exciting football video game that required 256K memory. The game acts like a visual simulator where the results will entirely depend on the capabilities of the selected plays. NFL challenge gained a huge amount of popularity when it predicted the win of Patriots over Miami Dolphins in 1986. NFL Challenge is still going strong in the market and highly appreciated by the old football lovers. You might not have heard a lot about the game as Madden Mobile completely took market control in quick time. We are here dealing with unwanted circumstances when there will be no Madden game and you need another one to enjoy. Just remember NFL Challenge option and keep enjoy Madden game with no worries.

NFL Street

nfl street

Still love the game as NFL Street was the first game that allowed you to enjoy customized characters, build your own team and gain style points and lot more stuff. NFL Street is the best alternative to Madden game and it clearly has the potential to earn more users. Just like other games mentioned in the list, even NFL Street tried to emulate the brutal and hard-hitting aspect of NFL football games and was able to achieve plenty of success.  The developers did a commendable job and made football gaming an entertaining one. When you play NFL Street, you are allowed to enjoy the football on streets, local turf or any other place. As a gamer, you have a lot to do and prove while enjoying NFL Street.

Hope, you guys would have enjoyed the top 5 alternatives to Madden game and will try them out. Just keep adding NFL based games in your list and try to figure out new ways of winning. Madden game is here for a long stay but still, there is no harm in trying other NFL based games. Football gaming has changed a lot in last few years and it has only got better and better. We can certainly expect more NFL games to be launched sooner or later.Just keep your fingers crossed and work on the exciting and interesting Madden alternatives mentioned in our online guide.