Madden Mobile Troubleshooting Tips – Eradicate The Issues

Struggling to get back into the game and need some effective Madden Mobile troubleshooting tips? It is depressing indeed when you are enjoying your favorite game on a weekend and troubleshooting errors are making a mess of it. You need to sort them out and that too in quick time. In order to achieve the cause, there is nothing better than following quality guides revealing troubleshooting tips.  Even here, in our informative guide, we will make you aware of different troubleshooting errors and ways to sort them out. Nothing complicated at all, as we are not asking you to follow any tough rocket science. These tips are shared by experienced candidates of the game and they do have deep knowledge about core concepts. When you go through the tips carefully, it would become possible to enjoy uninterrupted Madden Mobile game.

madden mobile troubleshooting guide

Playing Madden Mobile is great fun for sure but it is hard to deal with troubleshooting errors especially for new players. Most of these errors are associated with account, purchasing, gameplay and progress. We will discuss all types of errors here and try to provide appropriate solutions. Here it is worth to mention indeed, these tips are one of the many ways to sort out errors. You might come across an individual or guide coming up with new solutions and that is completely acceptable. We have tried our level best to come up with easy and effective troubleshooting tips that will only take your gaming experience to another level. You can also use madden mobile cheats from our website, Where we have shared dedicated cheats for madden mobile.

Missing Or Not Properly Linked Account

When your gaming account is missing or not linked properly, you are asked to follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. You are required to tap the Settings option
  2. Just next to link accounts there is a Link option. Tap it
  3. Next Tap Logout
  4. Go to the screen offering Select an account option and you are required to choose the account that you make use of while playing Madden Mobile game.

Trouble Shooting Error – Create A New Account

Gamers that are playing the game with Google+ account are mostly asked to create a new account or link to an existing one. If you come across such a problem, you must carefully go through prompts shown while creating a new account. When you follow the prompts, it will only bring you back to your original gaming account. For sure, you will not lose any information or progress. Most of the times, gamers do get worried and believe all their gaming account details would be lost. Such a condition will never arrive so don’t panic and go through the account creating process.

Option Of Linking The Game Account To Facebook Missing!

When you are not able to connect your Madden NFL Mobile account with Facebook, it means you have made the mistake and entered the age below what is required for Facebook Account. There is a way to correct the error and for this, you are required to install the game again. While installing make sure, you enter the age correctly and satisfy the minimum age criteria. After completing the process, you will be able to link your facebook account and will never lose the content.

Note: Gamers who don’t pay attention and don’t link their game account to Facebook will always lose the content when the game is reinstalled. While creating the game account, make sure you link it to Facebook and enjoy the game with no worries of losing content anytime.

Purchased Item Not Appearing

When a gamer spends his hard earned money on an important item, he desires to see the item quickly in the gaming account. Rarely, but the purchased item doesn’t appear and it results in disappointment. Nothing to panic at all as you are just required to restart your game and the item will reveal on your device screen. If you are still not able to see your account, best is to restart the device or use customer care support.

How To Get Back Missing Item?

In many cases, you might found items are lost and not available. Best is to restart your game and if still the step doesn’t work properly, you are required to restart your device. Guys, who are still finding their items missing, need to use the Contact option and ask gaming officials regarding missing items. Just get to the business end and tap the Settings option. Reach Help and Feedback and tap Help option. Next is to use the Contact Us and fill out the prompted form with required details.

Gameplay And Progress Errors

First error in this category is game froze. When you get kicked out of the game, you are required to stop or quit the app. Don’t waste a moment and check out whether your internet connection is working or not. When you get fully assured, you need to restart the game again and just enjoy.

How To Save The Game Progress After Removing It From Device?

The only way to save your game progress is to link your game account with Facebook. If you do that, no matter whether you keep the game on your device or not, the progress will remain there and when you re-install, you will start from the same point.

How To Achieve Latest Version Of The Game?

If you are playing the game on Apple device, you are required to tap the App Store icon and find out Madden NFL Mobile option in Updates. Similarly, for android devices, you must tap Google Play Store and check out My Apps section. It is pretty important to play the latest version of the game as it only ensures minimum error and more fun. Programmers keep on working to improve the game and latest version promises to deliver a better gaming experience.

The online guide certainly contains the most common troubleshooting errors faced by the gamers and easy ways to sort them out. If you still have any doubts, there is nothing better than contacting Madden NFL Mobile customer care executives and get your queries sorted out immediately.